• "Honey and his family is moving tomorrow. He’s packing things up. Or, he was. He’s slacking now, eating and on the net surfing. Tsk tsk. <3"
  • "


    I appreciate all that you’ve done for me lately. I’m trying so hard to be patient and to not be mean because you’re my sweetie pie and you deserve that only from me =) Thank you for the voicemails that you’ve been leaving me; I love them so much because it’s been quite awhile since you’ve done that (a year, I believe). Thank you for spending as much time with you as you can; you always try to for me. Thank you for being my boyfriend and putting up with me; I know I’m a big pain in the butt, so I’m appreciative that you’re willing to stay. I love you always and nothing will change that. Muah!


  • "FINALLY! After almost a week, I get to see him on Skype again!!! :D Oh, happy day~"
  • "I will put up my walls again. I will be careful of what I do and how I do it. I’ve been careless foer too long now."
  • "I went to go mow the lawn, and this was what he was doing. Too cute. My baby."
  • "He kept waking up and going back to sleep. No kisses today. But after I gave him one, he falls right back asleep, and he looks so soundly too. I love him so much <3"
  • "A man truly LOVES you if he ever cries for you..
    I will never see him cry for me though, so does that mean, no true love?"
  • "#436
    He doesn’t remember when or why he said he first love me. He said he’s usually not this forgetful. He said he doesn’t know what happened. I’m scared…one day, he might just forget me."
  • "#437
    Me:Oh shoot, I think I have a zit.
    John:I see it; it’s red.
    Me:Aww! I do have a zit! =(
    John:It’s okay. I still love you.
    Me:(thinking) Aww! You better, shooooo. Lol."
  • "I’m not in a good mood tonight. So I’m gonna listen to music and cry myself to sleep. I hope hunny doesn’t know."